Samsung might have been quiet about it up till now but they’ve officially unveiled their latest handset, the Galaxy S5 Mini, at long last. We’ve been expecting an announcement for some time now and Samsung has finally ended the waiting by detailing the specs and initial availability of the truncated flagship phone.

The Galaxy S5 Mini will feature a 4.5-inch display, with a 720p resolution, and a quad-core 1.4GHz processor. Just which CPU is in action hasn’t been specified yet, we’ll probably find that out once handsets get into hands around the world. An 8MP camera, 16GB of storage and 1.5GB of RAM will be standard with the phone.

Samsung may have lowered the specs compared to their top-end device but they’ve decided to keep most of the other features. The fingerprint scanner, ambient light detector and heart rate monitor found in the full-sized S5 will also be found in the S5 Mini. That means that most of the S Health functions will remain intact.

Russia will be the staging area for the Galaxy S5 Mini, with other locations around the world being announced later. Some time in mid-July is when the S5 Mini will first be seen in stores.

Source: Samsung

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