Samsung’s Galaxy A8 is something that we’ve been keeping an eye on but not closely enough, it seems. The company has launched the handset, the thinnest phone that they’ve ever dropped, in China. They also told very few people about it in the process.

The Galaxy A8 measures just 5.9mm through the middle, with a lightweight metal body that comes in at just 151 grams.

The rest of the specs are decent enough, with a 5.7-inch 1080p screen being the headliner and a Snapdragon 615 processor inside doing all the heavy lifting. There’s 2GB of RAM in there, as well as a 16MP rear/5MP front camera setup. All of which lines up nicely with rumoured specs, though the screen might be better than expected.

What Samsung haven’t mentioned is whether the handset will see release outside of China. We hope they do unleash it, it sounds like the sort of thing we’d like to use.

Source: Engadget

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