Given the direction that Samsung has been heading in with regards to its devices, which is towards more control over every part of the manufacture and sales process, it was perhaps inevitable that the company would eventually expand their own app store. Which is basically what they have done with the freshly-announced Galaxy Apps store which is designed to “… allows customers to easily access and enjoy select applications across their Samsung Galaxy devices”.

The Galaxy Apps store is an upgrade of the Samsung Apps store that was previously available to Samsung smartphone and tablet users and, according to Samsung, the store will provide “…apps that will allow greater customization of mobile devices and will also function as a platform to offer various promotions and discounts.”

Samsung’s WonPyo Hong, president of the company’s Media Solution Center, said in a statement “At Samsung, we continuously strive to create value for our customers by providing differentiated solutions and services coupled with innovative devices. Samsung GALAXY Apps is an extension of that promise, as it offers our customers exclusive apps to enrich their experience.”

Source: Samsung

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