Wow, does this take us back. Yes, you’re looking at a current model Samsung phone and yes, it’s definitely a flip-phone. The thing about it is that you’re not going to be seeing it anywhere outside of South Korea at the moment, as the company is only really making them for their home country.

This model is known as the Dual Master and features dual screens, an outer 2.2-inch display that works along with the interior 3-inch screen. It’s a new model in the company’s lineup of phones for the elderly in South Korea and there’s more to it than just a very retro look and low specs.

You see, the Dual Master has something very special. This would be a feature that notifies family members if the phone hasn’t been used for a while. Think of it as an alert system, if something happens to the user it could just wind up saving their life.

Also part of the Dual Master is a 3MP camera and GPS, which is more advancement than we’ve seen in a flip-phone… pretty much ever. It’s just weird that the company is still making these.

Source: Samsung via Engadget

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