Samsung announced last week that it would be stepping out of the laptop market in certain European countries, citing unprofitable sales in those locations as the reason for their move.

Samsung has said that they will be ceasing sales of laptops in Germany, France and the UK, a step that the company has already taken here at home, though they have pointed out that the decision is “…specific to the region, and is not necessarily reflective of conditions in other markets.”

The move isn’t exactly unexpected, given that Samsung has already done similar things in other locations, but the company says that it will be keeping an eye on the European market, with a return for laptops possible in future.

The rise of tablets and other portable computing devices has put a damper on laptop and computer sales globally, with less than a handful of companies bucking the trend. At present, Samsung’s tablet sales will more than make up for their latest decision.

Source: Digital Trends

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