We noted just the other day that Samsung has put their new type of NAND Flash storage into mass production, with the intention of making higher-capacity solid-state drives a thing. And now we’re getting a look at their biggest SSD to date, a 16TB monster that has been compressed into a 2.5-inch hard drive form factor.

The drive (image via Ars Technica) doesn’t have a proper designation just yet, just a whole lot of the company’s most recent SSD tech. The 16 terabyte drive (yes, you are reading that correctly) uses Samsung’s 256Gb NAND Flash die, which results in Samsung being able to pack an astonishing amount of data into the same area as lesser drives. And, at this point, everything else is a lesser drive.

There’s no pricing for these drives just yet, though Samsung will reportedly be selling them for about $5000 (R64,000) each. Which is a bit steep but that’s what you’d pay for a 16TB SSD. Sounds about right to us.

Source: The Next Web

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