Samsung very often has some interesting and sometimes bonkers ideas and perhaps the nicest thing about the company is that they’re comfortable enough to act on those ideas. Take the new, very unique, gold-lacquer-painted 78-inch UHD curved TV that they’re built to be auctioned off to the highest bidder at an auction by renowned auction house Christie’s.

The point of the TV, which has had the gold designed applied by artist Sung Hong, is to be sold at auction. The proceeds from the sale of the TV will be going to Orbis, an NGO that works to improve access to quality eye-care worldwide.

Hong himself was selected for the paintwork because of his “… his expertise in Ottchil, a Korean lacquer painting technique that dates back to the Neolithic Era, and for his ability to apply a traditional art form onto modern materials.”

Samsung Executive VP KK Pak said in a statement “The Samsung Curved UHD TV is an artistic creation, but this collaboration with Sung Yong Hong elevates it to a true work of art. The TV is the centerpiece of every home, and we are excited to share this work of art with the clients of Christie’s Hong Kong. TV is a part of all cultures and we hope that everyone can enjoy watching it. We are also very proud to support Orbis, as they work towards the prevention and treatment of the causes of avoidable blindness.”

Source: Samsung

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