We’re already well aware that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S range is the best tablet ever to issue forth from the South Korean company and it’s about to get better.

In a limited geographical area, that is. Samsung has announced that its native South Korean will get a version of the 10.5-inch flagship tablet sporting LTE-Advanced, which is capable of speeds up to 225Gbps.

Otherwise there’s little changed in the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 itself, just the addition of that blisteringly fast data connection speed. Over in Korean the upgraded device will set users back around R8300 but there’s very little chance that it will be seen anywhere but South Korean for the foreseeable future.

That’s because, at present, South Korean is one of the only countries to offer LTE-A to mobile subscribers. Here in SA we’re still trying to roll out standard LTE to all corners of the country so mobile data speeds like this… will be a while.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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