Samsung’s Tizen ambitions have taken another step toward reality as the company has demonstrated a prototype Tizen-powered smarted TV at the Tizen Developer Conference in San Francisco recently. Samsung has already switched over to Tizen for their first-gen Galaxy Gear smartwatch (and some of the newer ones), unveiled their very first all-Tizen smartphone and now they’re looking to move their TVs over to the operating system as well.

The prototype showed a variety of apps and search functions as well as a home screen that gives a bit more information than you’d normally get from a Samsung TV – music and TV listing info were demoed. Apparently streaming is on the cards, which is almost a must these days, and Samsung is supposedly working on using a smartphone as an internet-based remote control for their TVs. That alone is an interesting idea and, by most accounts, a Tizen TV is a fairly fast affair when it comes to apps and performance.

The company is hoping that other TV manufacturers will make use of Tizen in future, since it’s an open platform like Android, hence it’s presenting the operating system to developers. They haven’t given any sort of timeline for a Samsung-made TV hitting the market but they’re obviously hoping to get something out there sooner rather than later – look for Samsung TVs to get even more Samsung flavour in future.

Source/Image: Engadget

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