Samsung has never been one to sit and be content with the products that they have, they’re always keen to try something new. The newest thing they’re attempting is a line of headphones and speakers, intended for use with their mobile devices. The product line is known as Level and consists of in, on and over-ear headphones as well as Bluetooth speaker boxes from the South Korean company.

The official word on Level is that the products will go on sale today in the United States at a variety of price points. What isn’t official is where Samsung intends to launch them next, though Europe would be a safe bet if we were going to call it.

However, it look as though South Africa is also going to be getting a look-in with regards to Level. This isn’t based on any official statement from the company but Samsung’s local web presence has been updated to reflect the new crop of headphones and speakers – that makes it seem likely that Samsung is planning a local release in the near future.

Source: Samsung US

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