The time has come to speak of many things. Well… less than many. One, certainly. Which, before you ask, is a lot less than ‘many’. But since this is the SanDisk SSD Extreme PRO 960GB, we’re going to be able to overlook that.

The SanDisk SSD Extreme PRO 960GB is a part of SanDisk’s Extreme PRO SSD line, which also includes capacities of 240GB and 480GB of solid-state storage. This is just the top of the line in terms of storage space.

So what can you expect from this SATA revision 3.0 (which is able to transfer at 6GB/s)? The SanDisk SSD Extreme PRO 960GB is capable of read speeds of 550MB/s, with write speeds of up to 515MB/s. This is comparable throughout the rest of the line, aside from the 240GB edition which has the slightly faster write speed of 520MB/s. But there’s a whole lot less storage there. Them’s the breaks.

SanDisk SSD Extreme PRO 960GB uses the company’s nCache Pro Technology in order to provide fast, reliable performance, and users can keep tabs on the drive’s status with the SanDisk SSD Dashboard.

SanDisk says that their Extreme PRO drives run cooler, helping to promote better battery life. It’s a claim we believe because they’ve been doing these drives for… oh… twenty years? Sounds about right.

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