Your workout is important. Important enough that you really shouldn’t miss it. We should talk, though. That gym membership is just sitting there, slowly sucking money from our bank accounts. Perhaps we should have opted for a Sandisk Sansa Clip Zip Sport MP3 player to accompany us – music always makes working out a lot easier.

And the Sansa Clip Zip Sport has been designed with workouts in mind, with a lightweight body that will clip just about anywhere  – including your clothing – without getting in the way being one of the main features here. And you don’t have to risk your phone to get your tunes along with you on your run.

There are two storage options available for the Sansa Clip Zip Sport from Mustek. You can get it either in a 4GB capacity or in 8GB, more than enough to keep you on the road for as long as the battery lasts. Which is longer than you will, the Sansa Clip Zip Sport’s battery will go up to 25 hours on a single charge.

Available in a range of colours, sporting a large-ish LCD screen that is easy to navigate and with an FM radio included, the Sansa Clip Zip Sport is a workout device that you really should not be without. Especially since SanDisk have made sure that you can increase the storage if needed – there a microSDHC card slot in each unit to boot.

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