Flash drives are everywhere these days. They’re much more conventional than they were a few years back, having taken over for everything from floppy disks (obviously) to optical disks to portable hard drives, if you were fancy back in the day.

So it takes something special to catch your eye these days, given how ubiquitous these additions are. The Sandisk Cruzer Edge is one of those flash drives that will catch your gaze – if you actually see it, that is.

The Sandisk Cruzer Edge’s main drawcard is that it’s highly compact, small enough to clip onto your key-ring or something similar but as it is available in capacities from 8GB (the new entry level) to 64GB, you’re going to be able to transport just about anything quickly and easily without having to worry about having the drive taking up space.

The retractable Sandisk Cruzer Edge is a USB 2.0-supporting device, so it’s compatible with just about every technology available on the market today. It’s a speedy alternative to using a hard drive and the only thing that you have to worry about is possibly losing it. It’s that compact. And that can only be a good thing.

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