This is it. This is the Holy Grail of Samsung TV screens, unless you’re wealthy enough to spend the price of a house on a single appliance (in which case Samsung has something even better for you).

Meet Samsung’s UA78HU9000, a 78-inch TV screen that will make your wallet go and sit in the corner and sulk. But that’s okay because while it’s sulking, you’re going to be sitting in front of this curved UHD screen and basking in the glory that is the best picture you’ve ever seen.

The gently curved UHD display features the massive UHD 3840 x 2160 resolution, with the curve allowing you to see more of the screen at any one time than is possible with a standard flat display. The monster resolution means that it looks clearer, both from a distance and close-up, than anything else on the market.

The UA78HU9000 features Samsung’s Quadmatic picture engine, a Clear Motion rate of 1,200MHz and the company’s Mega Contrast technology.

On the sound front, Samsung packs in DTS 5.1 Surround and Dolby, with a full set of speakers, making this a home theatre junkie’s dream TV.

And if you think that all of this is enough, you’re not factoring in Samsung’s Smart TV functions. As far as intelligent TVs go, this is one of the company’s smartest, with social network, internet and streaming video access baked in right from the start.

The UA78HU9000 also features voice and motion control, facial recognition, and multi-screen functions.

As far as connectivity goes, it supports WiFi, USB (3 ports available), Component and HDMI (4 ports available). You might as well sell your car to get this one, you’re not going to ever leave the house again anyway.

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