Samsung’s Smart TVs are not to be messed with. Take the Samsung UA46H5303, for instance. This 46-inch screen might be a basic example of what Samsung’s smart screens can do but it’s none the less impressive for it.

That’s because the 46-inch HD display packs in Samsung’s Mega Contrast and Wide Colour Enhancer (Plus) tech, as well as a Clear Motion Rate of 100. Hard to beat at this price, especially considering the size of the display itself.

But then you can look to the smarter features. Like we said, the Samsung UA46H5303 is a basic example of the Smart TV family so it supports apps as well as a web browser. There are smarter items out there from Samsung but if you’re after the screen more than connectivity functions then this bare-bones options is ideal.

Samsung have also included their own speakers in the Samsung UA46H5303, in the form of dual 10W down-firing dual-range sound emitters. Another nice-to-have with a TV this size, though you can always expand it with an aftermarket speaker setup from Samsung as well. They do go well together.

As far as connectivity goes, you’ve got two HDMI inputs, space for two USBs and Component and Composite in options to play around with. Unusually, there’s no headphone jack. There is, however, an Ethernet in, so you can add it to your home network using a wired connection if you like.

Basic on the smart functions but featuring an excellent and sizable screen, the Samsung UA46H5303 is the one to look at if you’re not sure how smart you want your TV to be.

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