If the Samsung UA40H5100 is the starting point for getting a smart-enabled TV in your home, then the Samsung UA40H5500 is just about the equivalent of jumping into intelligent tech with both feet.

To start with, this 40-inch Samsung panel is home to many more Smart TV features than the other devices that live a little lower on the specifications tree and it is still able to put up an excellent showing with regards to the screen itself.

The Series 5 Samsung UA40H5500 has a Full HD screen, which comes complete with the company’s HyperReal Picture Engine, Mega Contrast and Wide Color Enhancer Plus technology. There’s also Film and Natural Mode support thrown in for good measure.

But why stop there? Samsung’s sound chops are fully evident with the two 10W down-firing speakers that support Dolby’s MS10 sound tech, DTS’ Studio Sound and Premium Sound 5.1 hardware profiles. If you’re adding a third-party speaker system to this beauty, you’re going to be smiling all the way.

Which brings us to the smart features. Samsung’s Smart Hub is in place, so you can look forward to App, Multimedia, Social and Fitness support – long story short, you can Skype on this TV without having to resort to other devices.

It also supports content streaming, screen mirroring, web browsing and a whole collection of other functions that you normally wouldn’t consider using your TV for.

But there’s also plenty of space for more traditional usages. Three HDMI ports, dual USB sockets, Component and Composite options are there for use, while there’s also wireless LAN built into the TV – making it easy to slot directly into your home network.

It’s not hard to see why you’d want something like the Samsung UA40H5500 sitting in your lounge. It does everything you’d expect from a TV, as well as a few things you’re only accustomed to getting from a tablet or laptop computer. That’s reason enough to get one now.

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