What is this, a TV or a desktop computer display? It’s large enough to be either but the the Samsung U32D97KQSR is designed for use as a PC screen. We’re pretty sure that the lack of a TV tuner on this 31.5-inch screen has a little to do with it but the humongous panel might also be involved.

That’s right, the 31.5-inch Samsung U32D97KQSR features a PLS UHD screen so you’re going to have the absolute best resolution that you can get your hands on – in fact, the rest of your PC might need an upgrade just to keep up with the screen clarity, resolution and brightness.

The Samsung U32D97KQSR features a native resolution of 3840 x 2160, at a 16:9 aspect ratio. There’s a GTG response time of 8ms to play with and Samsung’s Contrast Ratio is a massive 1000:1 and there are some even higher numbers hidden in there thanks to the company’s own tweaks.

The PLS panel is capable of some impressive viewing angles as well, 178 degrees on both planes which is about as close as you can get to perfection for a panel. After all, there comes a point when you’re just looking at the edge of the monitor.

As for connectivity, Samsung’s U32D97KQSR is fitted with dual HDMI inputs, a DisplayPort (which you’ll need for the full UHD resolution) and then a Dual Link DVI input. They’ve also added a USB hub to this screen, making loading some tasty media a very easy affair.

As to usage… pretty much anything is yours to do, up to and including running game consoles on this TV. Because why the hell not?

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