The age of 4K, otherwise known as UHD or Ultra High-Definition, is upon us. It can be found in TV screens all over but it is also making its way to some of the most impressive computer monitors you will encounter on the market.

Monitors like Samsung’s U28D590D, a 28-inch LED monitor that makes the average South African flatscreen TV look like technology from about twenty years ago.

What can you expect from a UHD computer monitor though? Well, a native resolution of 3840 x 2160 is a standard, as is a response time of 1ms, which is the fastest response time you’ll find on a Samsung monitor on the market today.

The U28D590D also supports 1 billion colours, setting it further part from the run-of-the-mill HD computer monitors.

You’ll need to make sure that whatever you’re using the U28D590D utilises either HDMI or DisplayPort, as this panel has space for two of the first and other of the second. Anything older, like DVI or VGA, won’t work with this crystal-clear display.

And we haven’t even gone into the minimalist design of Samsung’s screen, which means that you’re all about the picture. Whether your aim is media playback or gaming, having a 4K screen to match up with a high-end computer rig is fast becoming a must.

Samsung also have a whole collection of other features attached to this screen, like two-in-one picture and game mode settings to name just two, that make it obvious that the next thing you need to add to your home computer setup is a 4K screen. A TV-sized 4K screen, like the U28D590D. Because you know you want to.

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