It’s been a while since we’ve seen a good all-in-one PC and Samsung’s Series 5 DP500A2D is a fantastic place to look into these PCs once again. All-in-one (AIO) machines are perfect for homes and rooms with limited space, offering you all of the features of a desktop PC along with the compactness of a laptop. Without having to actually keep it on your lap.

And as AIOs go, Samsung’s Series 5 DP500A2D is a good choice. The primary component, the bit that plays host to all of the other goodies you’re going to need, it the 21.5-inch display. Samsung knows their displays and this one is a Full HD touchscreen LED, with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and the sort of image quality you’ve come to expect from a company that makes such splendid TVs.

But behind the screen is everything else, like the Intel Core i3 3220T processor, a 2.8GHz chip that will keep your tasks ticking over with little effort. There’s 4GB of RAM from the get-go, but this can be increased if you prefer. The 4GB allocation only takes up a single slot, and there are two to play with. You can do the math.

What you wouldn’t expect is a third-party graphics solution but the Series 5 DP500A2D comes standard with an Nvidia GeForce 620M, a 1GB graphics card that boosts the power of this unit considerably. It doesn’t make the Series 5 DP500A2D a high-spec gaming machine but there’s a lot more under the hood than you’d find with just an Intel Integrated Graphics solution.

Storage? A 500GB mechanical hard drive and there’s also a SATA DVD drive as well as integrated speakers to play around with. Well, it does say all-in-one on the label and that’s what you’re getting here.

The Series 5 DP500A2D comes complete with all of the ports and other bits that you’d expect from a notebook. There’s an ethernet port and WiFi as well as Bluetooth connectivity baked in, you’ll have several USB ports at your disposal and there’s also a wireless mouse and keyboard included with this Windows 8 system.

So yes, the Series 5 DP500A2D really is an all-in-one. Why don’t you have one on your desk yet?

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