Samsung’s TV sets are just fantastic. That’s not just something we say, Samsung’s televisions are consistently great and that’s a term that can apply to both the company’s UHD and standard HD screens.

The coming thing is the 48-inch form factor and this is where Samsung’s UA48H6800. This TV is part of their standard HD collection of screens but it still manages to stand out, with Samsung’s Ultra Clear Panel and that lovely screen curve of theirs being definite highlights of the set.

But that’s not where it ends. Sammy have fitted the UA48H6800 with enough ports to let you connect just about anything. There’s four HDMI slots, three USB as well as Component and Composite In options, Ethernet and WiFi Direct. That’s a lot of connectivity.

Samsung have included 40W in total of sound, dividing among a down-firing woofer (20W) as well as left and right channels (10W each). That’s a lot of sound for any TV but you can always opt for an after-market speaker setup if you need more – Samsung makes those too.

But that doesn’t account for the fact that the UA48H6800 is one of Samsung’s Smart TVs. That means that it supports everything from web browsing to apps, connects to your network without needing extra bits and does a couple of other nifty things. Things like facial recognition and motion control, if that’s your thing (and you snag an optional extra or two). It also supports voice control.

So… tell us again how a TV needs to be UHD to be really impressive these days? Yeah, that’s what we thought.


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