Samsung is all about the curve-ball lately. Well, the curve-screen is a far more accurate description and their tendency to bend things has moved over to their PC monitors as well as their TV displays. Meet the Samsung S27D590C curved LED monitor, which is about to change your life.

How so? Well, the Samsung S27D590C features a 178 degree viewing angle thanks to the gentle curve that the screen exhibits. This is nigh unheard-of when it comes to desktop screens so you can understand why we’d be excited about that. But that curve isn’t just functional, it also looks… pretty nifty, even if we do say so ourselves.

But looks are not everything. Thankfully, the Samsung S27D590C is talented in other departments as well. A Full HD (1920 x 1080) LED-backlit panel, which features a response time of 4ms and a contrast of 3000:1 is nothing to sneeze at. Nor are the 300 nits of brightness, the 16:9 aspect ratio or Samsung’s very own Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio tech.

The S27D590C supports multiple monitor chaining, with the correct PC hardware of course, and there is a collection of pre-set viewing modes to make life easier. Just touch a button and things will change to the ideal settings.

As far as other features go, the S27D590C  has built-in speakers in the form of dual 2-channel 5W speakers as well as a range of connectivity options. HDMI is just one of these, but you’ll also be able to connect via VGA and DisplayPort. Since you can pass your sound through this display, Samsung have also included a headphone jack and a Digital Optical output.

Like we said, looks are not everything. But the Samsung S27D590C doesn’t need to rely on looks alone – it has everything you could possible need from a monitor, including curves in all the right places.

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