So you’re a gamer. Like, the serious sort of gamer. The kind who needs the largest possible screen, with an HD resolution and all of the bells and whistles. The problem is that the rest of your components have slaughtered your budget and now you can’t get that delicious UHD display.

There’s still hope though, and it arrives in the form of one of the cheapest 27-inch computer displays you can get your hands on. That’d be the Samsung S27D390H LED display, which features a Full HD resolution in addition to that wonderful screen acreage.

It’s not all about the numbers either, Samsung have given it some pretty awesome looks quite aside from the tech that lives inside. It’s the kind of display that you wouldn’t mind having sitting in front of your face for hours on end.

But the numbers are important. Numbers like a 1000:1 contrast ratio, 300 nits of brightness and a 5ms response time. There’s also Samsung’s Mega Contrast Ratio to look forward to as well as a decent range of connectors to play with.

The Samsung S27D390H features a D-Sub connector as well as HDMI. If you’re looking for legacy ports, like VGA and DVI (yes, DVI is legacy now), then you’re sadly out of luck but you’re not connecting a screen like this to an old Pentium 4, are you? Are you?

There’s also a collection of Samsung’s software features including a dedicated gaming mode, for when you really need the best picture. And that’s what you really want with a piece of kit like this, isn’t it?

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