Samsung makes a lot of awfully good hardware but their screens are arguably some of the best things that the company does. Their TV displays are top-notch, their smartphone and tablet AMOLED screens are just as fantastic so it should not be surprising that their HD monitors are just as impressive to gaze upon.

Take the S27C750P, for example. This 27-inch LED screen boasts a full HD panel that, while below a UHD display in terms of size and pixel density, is capable of making anything it displays look very, very good indeed.

The S27C750P features a 1920 x 1080 resolution, which is the HD standard, and has a response time of 5ms.

It supports 16.7 million colours, has a brightness of 300 Nits and packs a few other features as well.

Features like Samsung’s Mega DCR, a colour-enhancing technology that affects everything from blacks to whites and every bit of the spectrum in between.

There’s also the rotate function, if you’re looking to use the S27C750P in a portrait rather than a landscape configurations, improved viewing angles and an upscaling tech thrown in as well.

This is on top of Samsung making the S27C750P an ultra-thin monitor, so it shouldn’t be taking up much space on your desktop at all. Except vertically, which is just what you want from a computer screen.

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