There is entry level and then there’s a step above. And if your budget can stretch that far, you should always go for a little higher than just the bare bones. If you’re looking to build a budget PC of any kind, you really should be giving the Samsung S20D300H monitor some thought.

Why? Because it’s well-priced, obviously but it’s also a good balance between size and cost. For your cash you’re going to be getting a 19.5-inch display, with a native resolution of 1600 x 900. This is a good place to start off, it’s not large enough to stress out a basic graphics card but the resolution is also big enough to look good should you manage to afford a hardware upgrade.

The Samsung S20D300H features 250 nit brightness, Samsung’s Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio tech and decent viewing angles, stapled onto a great 5m/s response time. More than enough to get your game on, watch movies or just do some basic office work.

And then you’ve got your connectivity. Even though the monitor is quite basic, you’ve got two options. VGA, for those really simple systems, but there’s also HDMI support for the more modern graphics card – you know, for the gamer on a budget.

As we’ve said, it’s basic but not annoyingly so. The Samsung S20D300H is capable of scaling with an upgrade, making it an excellent purchase for those looking to start small before building onto it later. You can graduate to a Samsung UHD monitor in time, we’re sure.

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