We all like to spend a lot of time looking at the latest and greatest, the fastest and best devices to come out of tech. Who wouldn’t? It’s fun, for starters, and the better it is, the more impressed everyone is. Right? Right.

But not everyone can afford to get the newest of the new. Sometimes the most basic item is what they can afford, sometimes that’s all they need. And it’s for that reason that we’re looking in on the Samsung S19D300N, an 18.5-inch basic flat-screen monitor that will probably wind up in more South African homes and offices than anything else they bring it.

Which should give you a pretty good idea how affordable the monitor actually is. But for all its affordable cost, it’s still packing a decent set of features.

You’re looking at a fairly standard display resolution of 1366 x 768 for the 18.5-inch Samsung S19D300N and there aren’t many software extras but Samsung have got 200 nits of brightness, Mega Contrast Ratio and a 5ms response time in this one.

The contrast ratio is 600:1 and users will be able to connect a VGA cable to the screen (supplied). There’s nothing really fancy in the way of HDMI or DVI but this is a bare-bones screen for people on a budget or running older hardware.

Long story short? If you still have a bulky CRT screen, you need to replace it now. With this.

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