Let’s scale this up a bit. You might want to have a Blu-ray player at home but it’s a much better idea to get an entire home theatre system. Sure it’s going to cost a bit more but if you’ve got something like the Samsung HT-F6500 sitting in your living room, you’re probably not going to complain.

Let’s check out what the Samsung HT-F6500 can do for you. First off, it’s a full-on 3D Blu-ray player with a wide range of video decoder support. It covers all the main items (DIVX, MKV, etc) aside from RMVB and it’ll output sound via a variety of Dolby and DTS sound profiles. It’ll upscale DVD to Blu-ray quality but it won’t move Blu-ray up to 4K. So far, so standard.

But it’s not alone. There’s a collection of home theatre speakers tagging along (which accounts for the higher cost of this setup) that are more than enough to ensure that you’re going to be pinned to your seat during an action movie. Not because it’s riveting, it’ll just be the sound holding you down.

So the sub, front, centre and other speakers make sense of all of the impressive audio features that the Samsung HT-F6500 has installed from the outset. There’s no point in having DTS HD and 3D sound without the kit to make use of it, after all.

If you’re looking to augment your Samsung TV, then the Samsung HT-F6500 has to be on your shopping list. It just makes sense to get everything in one package.

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