You already have the TV, the next thing that you need is a couple of accessories to go along with the Samsung HD panel gracing your lounge. Which is where the Samsung HT-E355, a 5.1 home cinema system designed to accompany your Samsung hardware, comes in.

So what are we looking at here? A stylish, no-frills home theatre speaker setup from Samsung that is best suited for the company’s lower-end of the TV line. If you’ve invested in a UHD TV from Samsung, you’re going to be looking at something a lot larger with Blu-ray support.

Instead, this Samsung HT-E355 is a 6-speaker setup for 5.1 surround that will fit into smaller lounges. It’s designed as a supplement or replacement for Samsung’s already-great integrated speakers and the included DVD player will do some pretty nifty things to your media as well.

Things like upscaling your content to 1080p, so you can take your standard definition DVDs and watch them in a higher quality setting. The technology isn’t perfect but that’s a limitation of the sizing-up process and not a reflection on Samsung’s efforts in this line.

But there are a couple of other innovations to Samsung’s home cinema system, like the ability to level sound that is inconsistent between channels, stream content from a USB in addition to using the DVD player and it’s HDMI equipped as well, so you’re going to get the best possible sound from your speakers. Combine it with a dedicated media player or PC, game console and a Samsung TV and you’ll never want to leave the lounge ever again. But even if you do, you’ll still be able to hear what’s going on onscreen.

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