What does Samsung on a budget look like? Not an extreme budget, though that option does exist, but it’s possible to hit the bottom of the mid-range for very little cash. Take the Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus, which is a 4-inch Android that comes with pretty much everything you need from a smartphone without the corresponding wallet-damage.

The Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus features a 4-inch 480 x 800 TFT display, touchscreen of course, that is powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core processor. This is pretty typical of the mid-range phone these days and Samsung does these handsets more stylishly than most.

There’s 768MB of RAM, which is actually a step up from the 512MB of system memory that you might expect to find. There’s only 4GB of storage out of the box, but this can be supplemented with up to 64GB for some extra space. There’s not much reason to complain, in other words.

This Android 4.2 smartphone also comes with a 5MP camera on the rear as well as a VGA camera for selfies or for video chat. It’s up to you what you’ll decide to use the front-facer for.

There’s a 1500mAh battery to play with. Since the Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus isn’t powering hectic hardware, this is more than enough to keep you going through an entire day of use.

And then there’s connectivity. You can expect WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G to be options for the Trend Plus, keeping you connected to your home network, other devices or just the internet. It’s a pity that, with all these options, this phone can’t do anything about load-shedding.

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