Here’s another coup for Samsung, a new 9.7-inch tablet that manages to exceed expectations in just about every department. We’re talking about the T815 variant of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, the T815 meaning that this is the 3G/LTE version of the Tab S2.

What to expect from this 9.7-inch device? The screen is a 1536 x 2048 Super AMOLED touchscreen, which looks just as good as it sounds. Better, even.

With the stellar screen Samsung have included an octa-core processor, consisting of a 1.9GHz quad and 1.3GHz quad chip stuck together. There’s 3GB of RAM inside, as well as 32GB of storage in the edition available from Mustek.

If you want some extra space, that’s also a thing. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 supports up to 128GB of storage via microSD.

There’s an 8MP rear/2.1MP front camera combination for you to fiddle with, meaning that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is better equipped photography-wise than some smartphones. Nice move there Samsung.

Android 5.0 Lollipop is your operating system of choice here, which powers all of Samsung’s extremely useful new software features. And let’s not forget that Microsoft as a fresh deal with the company regarding pre-installed software…

In addition to LTE, which the T815 features, users have Bluetooth 4.1, WiFi up to the 802.11ac standard and GPS support.

If you’re after the latest bit of gold from Samsung, look for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. It’s available in White and Black as well as Gold, just so you know.

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