Hey look at that, another one of Samsung’s stars, this one in tablet form. Meet the Samsung Galaxy Tab E, which is available in two flavours – T560 and T561. As with most Samsung devices, the main differences are in the connectivity. One features WiFi access only, the other supports a data connection in addition to the WiFi bits and pieces. Otherwise? The two models are structurally the same.

Which means that the two Samsung Galaxy Tab E models both sport a 9.6-inch, 1280 x 800 display, made as only Samsung can. That’d be bright, clear and surprisingly detailed for a sub-HD screen.

Backing the screen is a quad-core processor from Samsung, a 1.3GHz chip that works with the assistance of a solid 1.5GB of RAM. Storage integrated with the Samsung Galaxy Tab E is a decent 8GB but users can expect to expand that if they need more. Samsung have given this tab support for up to 128GB via microSD.

There’s a dual camera setup, with 2MP in front and 5MP behind. Samsung make some great cameras and these are… decent. What? They can’t all be Samsung’s 16MP monster-cams.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab E runs Android, of course, and users can expect all of the functions that the OS brings – it’s a lot more open-ended and customisable than just about any other mobile operating system, in other words.

Why would you want one of these? Because a good crop of specs, a hefty screen size and 5000mAh battery makes for one long-term multimedia tablet, that’s why. So why wait? Go get one, or two, or three, now.

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