It’s time for something low-tech and low-spec, with a price to match. We’re talking about smartphones here, in case it wasn’t completely clear, and Samsung’s Galaxy Pocket Neo fits the bill while still coming from one of the larges Android producers around.

The Galaxy Pocket Neo isn’t the largest phone around, in terms of actual size and in terms of specs, but the company has still managed to somehow cram in Android 4.1, 3G and a couple of other features besides.

What we have here is a 3-inch display (240 x 320, QVGA TFT) that is powered by a single-core processor running at 850MHz. That’s pretty small for a smartphone but Samsung has somehow made it work.

Backing this is 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage, pretty standard for a low-end phone. You can expand your space with up to 32GB of microSD.

Like we mentioned, there’s 3G access with this phone and Samsung have also thrown in a 2MP camera so you’ll be able to snag snaps on the go.

All of which is a pretty decent lot for a smartphone that’ll go you around a grand or less. The perfect device for getting someone out of that old feature phone and into something a bit more useful, yes?

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