Samsung may have announced the Galaxy Note 5 already (and it looks amazing, frankly) but the Galaxy Note 4 is still one of the best smartphones you can get for your cash. Anything better is also made by Samsung, so there’s that, but if you’re looking for size right now – as opposed to an indefinite Note 5 launch – then the Note 4 is the device for you.

What are we looking at with the Note 4? A 5.7-inch Super AMOLED display, for starters, which puts this smartphone into phablet territory. Samsung Note series is more or less known for starting that little trend and Samsung still does it best, with their S Pen stylus being the standout feature. It’s no different here, the Note 4’s stylus is convenient, useful and extremely easy to get used to.

Samsung have also got for an octa-core processor setup, 32GB of storage and 3GB of RAM with the Note 4 as well microSD support (up to 128GB) being one of the standout features.

Speaking of standouts, the Galaxy Note 4 supports LTE and 3G data connections, so you’re going to have access to all the things, internet-wise. And there’s the 3.7MP front camera, which seems generous until you realise that Samsung have included a 16MP rear shooter with this handset. Nice.

Android is the operating system holding this stellar collection of parts together, with Android 4.4 being the starting point. If you like, you can upgrade to Lollipop – provided your service provider is playing ball.

There you have it: The Galaxy Note 4. It won’t match up to the Note 5 but that’s okay. Most phones won’t match up to this one either.

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