So you’ve taken the plunge and gone for one of Samsung’s many excellent flat-screen television sets. Whether you’ve gotten your hands on the 32-inch starter setup or something a bit more expensive, you’re going to need something extra to go along with that.

You can’t just chuck any old movie players at your fresh new TV. It’s got to be Blu-ray and those, thankfully, are dropping in price. So it makes sense to go for the Samsung BD-H5500 3D Blu-Ray Player, especially if you shelled out for one of Sammy’s 3D TV sets.

Why? Why not, more like. The BD-H5500 supports most of the video decoding formats you could be looking for. The only one that isn’t supported is the RMVB format but all of the others, up to and including MKV, are yours to command. Not a bad thing at all, that.

If you happen to have a decent sound setup, the BD-H5500 will also support Dolby and DTS audio profiles, so you just need some popcorn and some of those comfy theatre seats and you’ll never have to leave the house. Not for films, anyway.

The BD-H5500 upscales DVDs, though it sadly won’t do the same for Blu-ray discs up to UHD, and it’ll also rip CDs for you if you ask nicely enough. Not bad at all for a highly compact, stylish and basic 3D-capable Blu-ray player. Oh yeah, if the name wasn’t obvious enough, it’ll also play Blu-ray discs.

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