Go big or go home, that’s what we always say and Samsung is always up to the challenge. It’s not wholly common knowledge that the South Korean company has got an arsenal of solid-state hard drives that carry their branding and that’s sad because it should be.

Witness the Samsung 840 Evo MZ-TE1T0BW SSD, for example. This is a 1TB solid-state hard drive that conforms to the 2.5-inch form factor, making it an ideal replacement for a laptop hard drive that might be a little lagging in the speed stakes. Can you imaging a terabyte of solid-state storage at your command?

This SATA III device boasts sequential read speeds of 540MB/s and sequential write speeds of 520MB/s. That’s quite a pace for any hard drive and will stand you in good stead if you’re looking to shave seconds off your laptop boot time.

It also comes packed with Samsung’s TurboWrite acceleration tech, which will speed up your write speeds that much further while prolonging the lifespan of the drive.

The Samsung 840 Evo MZ-TE1T0BW features a low power consumption, so it shouldn’t ding your battery life at all. Of course, if you’re using this in a desktop machine that might not be a concern but it also won’t whack your electricity bill either.

And then there’s the software support. Whether you’re using Windows 8 and upwards, as well as Vista or even XP, OS X or Linux, Samsung’s SSD hardware will give you the space you need. And more than a little speed to go with it.

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