Look at all the nifty things we can do with technology these days. For instance, the days of connecting a PC, laptop or tablet to a TV or monitor with cabling are now… pretty much over.

Cool, right? Oh, there are still cables involved, like the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter, but you’re not going to have to risk tripping over anything. Instead, you’re just connecting the two sides of this cable to a TV screen, projector or monitor (as long as it has a USB port) and you’ll be able to stream video content direct to the chosen HDMI input.

That’s because the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter acts like a cable. The USB side is to power this little add-on and the HDMI and main body of the cable does the rest – like pick up the wireless display signal and broadcast it to your TV screen.

And you’re not limited by specific apps or software. The Wireless Display Adapter used Miracast tech, which you might have heard of before. Some cellular phones feature the tech and that means that you can use a compatible phone to display content on a TV. If you’re in a bind, you could technically use a smartphone to give a presentation, as long as you have Microsoft’s little doodad on hand.

The Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter has a range of 23 feet, or 7 metres in real numbers. So you don’t even have to be too close, freeing you up to use your displays the way that you want to. Not the way that the manufacturer expects you to. So much for wires (and it’s about damn time).

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