And now for something completely different. And very, very familiar at the same time. Familiar because it’s a keyboard made by Microsoft, different because it… folds. Really? Yes, really. And that’s not even its best feature.

The Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard, as it is know, can fold in half but that’s only the start. Yes, it’s compact and extremely well engineered at the same time but its range of supported products are what will raise your eyebrows. It supports iOS, OS X, Windows, and Android devices – pretty much anything that has a Bluetooth 4.0 connection will be able to use the Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard. But that’s not even its best feature.

The Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard is spill resistant, meaning that you’ll have to really try in order to drown this one in coffee. And that’s not even its best feature.

Perhaps the best thing about Microsoft’s 5mm-thick portable peripheral is that you’ll be able to pair with two different devices at the same time. You can’t use the keyboard with both devices simultaneously but you can switch between them at the touch of a button, meaning you can be more productive while taking up less space at the end of the day.

That would be the Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard’s best feature. But they’re all pretty great, if you think about it..

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