Review: Microsoft LifeCam Studio

In the modern world, do we really need an external webcam? Everything else we use has a camera on it somehow. Every smartphone, laptop and the occasional coffee machine will take a look at you and transmit video to other people. Do you need a webcam?

Um… yes, and Microsoft’s Microsoft LifeCam Studio will show you why. There’s a reason why they bill it as the “closest thing to being there”, after all.

Users can expect to see everything clearly. The LifeCam Studio uses a 1080p sensor, and is capable of 720p video chat connections. It uses a glass element lens, the Studio features TrueColor tech, and there’s face tracking involved as well. Since Microsoft have made this one, it’s certified for Skype as well.

Microsoft have included a wide-band microphone with the Microsoft LifeCam Studio, the cam is capable of 360-degree rotation and it supports a tripod – if you happen to have one.

The Microsoft LifeCam Studio is fitted with autofocus tech, there’s a wide-angle lens to play with and the cam has been optimised for use with Windows 8. Which means that Windows 10 will play nice as well. Just saying.

We can kinda see why Microsoft is making the claims that they are now. Can’t you?

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