Everyone needs their space. That’s true of mental health but it’s also true of the average desk as well. Sometimes there’s just not enough area for a computer to fit comfortably and while this isn’t a problem if you do most of your work on a notebook, it can become an issue when you really need a desktop computer.

Which is where Mecer’s All-In-One H2459 unit comes in. This handy, compact PC has everything you need to get your work on while saving enough space that you won’t need to knock out an adjoining wall in order to get everything in place.

There are a couple of options available for the All-In-One H2459, which differ mostly in the processor department. You can opt for a dual-core G1850 Celeron processor, which is the bottom end of the range, or you can scale up to something like the Core iX family from Intel. The Core i3 4160, Core i5 4590 or the Core i7 4790 chips are all options, with the pricing changing accordingly.

You’re also getting your hands on 4GB of system memory, whichever CPU option you pick, and that should be more than enough RAM to get everything done.

Hard drives run from 500GB to 2TB, though there’s also a bare-bones option that doesn’t feature any hard drive at all. In that case, it’s an extra but you’ll definitely need to add one to enjoy this machine.

Integrated Intel Audio and Graphics take care of the sound and visuals – 7.1 audio in the case of the first and DVI/VGA/HDMI support in the case of the second. Assuming you need monitor outputs at all, that is.

USB 3.0 and 2.0 are widely supported and there are a fairly large number of SATA III cable options available inside the All-In-One H2459’s chassis so you can hook up everything that needs hooking up.

What else do you need? PCI Express? That’s catered for too. Seems like it’s time to save some space and get yourself an All-In-One H2459.


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