So you’re not really in the market for a high-end notebook (like the Z-series) or for a consumer notebook (the G-series) from Lenovo. Perhaps you’re a gamer, along with all that entails. Then you’re looking in the right place right now, as Lenovo has a lettered series just for you. The Y-series of Lenovo hardware has been designed for gamers and while you can game on a Z-series machine, this setup has been designed with just than in mind.

So what are we looking at with the Y5070? A 15.6-inch black notebook, which features a non-touch display (there’s not much call for that in the gaming world) and some mighty impressive internals. And it’s priced at a point where it’s not out of reach for most serious gamers.

Peering under the back-lit keyboard, what exactly is there to see? Well, Lenovo have given gamers a high-end Intel Core i7 4700U processor for one, which is always a welcome sight and the Y5070 comes standard with 8GB of system memory.

Since gamers are always on the lookout for ways to speed matters along, Lenovo have also included a hybrid drive setup, which consists of a 1TB hard drive and an 8GB solid state drive. Priorities and all that.

And, since a gaming machine isn’t a gaming machine without some awesome graphics, Lenovo have stuffed Nvidia’s 4GB GeForce 860M card under the hood. Hello frame rates.

What else is on the menu? DOLBY Home Theatre sound pumping through JBL speakers, for one. An external optical drive drive, for another.

And that’s in addition to the webcam, Bluetooth, USB 3.0 and other ports and pieces that we’ve come to expect from Lenovo’s hardware. If you’re going to game, you might as well be able to do it on the go. It’s the only right way to do things.

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