This is the lowest rung on the Lenovo IdeaPad G-series ladder but don’t go thinking that it’s the least of the lot. Lenovo, it can be said, doesn’t make any bad notebooks. Just slightly more affordable ones. That’s quite a distinction.

The G5030 may have some impressive older brothers to look up to but it’s capable of holding its own when they’re not around for backup. Visually it’s quite similar to the G5070, featuring the same chassis design, and it’s also a 15.6 1366 x 768 notebook. The display is not a touchscreen and for the same reason as its siblings: Despite the Windows 8 operating system, you don’t really need the touch functions.

The reason it’s lower on the price scale than the other models is the processor. Lenovo’s IdeaPad G5030 features one of Intel’s dual-core Celeron N2830 chips, which isn’t too shabby as processors go but it’s a tad below their Core iX range of silicon. They have not skimped on the system memory at all though, so you’re still looking at 4GB of RAM for this machine. For less-intensive tasks, you won’t even notice the smaller chip. In other words, it’s ideal for office work and just browsing the internet from the couch or the smallest room.

Storage remains the same as seen in the G5070, a solid 500GB hard drive will be looking after your files. In fact, most of the remaining features (as with the preceding ones – aside from the CPU) are identical to the larger Lenovo model.

What this means is that you’ll have USB 3.0 support, HDMI out, Bluetooth connectivity and Ethernet as well as a webcam on hand.

That also means that the keyboard/trackpad combo is in place and that Intel is going to be handling the graphics for you. Despite the smaller chip, this is still a rather decent media machine. And isn’t that, plus home office functions, what you really want from a consumer notebook?

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