We’ve made a lot of fuss over Huawei’s new high-end phones and how they’re increasingly capturing the market with low costs and great hardware. So much fuss, in fact, that we’ve all but forgotten that the company actually produces entry-level handsets as well.

Handsets like the Huawei Y330D. There is a stock Y330 out there, the addition ‘D’ means that this particular model is a dual-SIM phone. That’s always popular here in South Africa, because it allows users to have a home and business line in a single device.

It’s even more unusual to see this in an entry-level device. But the Huawei Y330D is indeed a dual-SIM, even though the specs are very much a first-timer’s allocation.

Users can expect to see a 4-inch display, with an 800 x 480 resolution. The processor is a 1.3GHz dual-core, a slight step up from the entry-level average which is 1.2GHz, and there’s 512MB of RAM from the outset. Another pointer towards its entry-level origins is the 4GB of storage, but thankfully Huawei has included a microSD for some extra space.

On to the camera, which is a bare-bones 3MP affair on the rear. It’s not going to win many awards but it’s still enough to get going with.

The Huawei Y330D includes Bluetooth and WiFi access, though slightly more basic than you’ll find on a high-end phone, and there’s a 1350mAh battery going service inside the handset itself. Since it’s powering lower-end hardware, that’s more than enough for a decent stint away from the charger.

All in all, a decent entry into the world of Android. And it’s not going to break the bank to introduce that person in your life who has never met a smartphone to the ease of use that Android provides either. Why don’t you have one yet?

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