Huawei has a range of Media Pad tablets that comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from the small (7-inches) to the large (10-inches) but then there’s the one in between – the Huawei T1 Media Pad 8.0. This is an 8-inch tablet in the same vein as Huawei’s other offerings, but with its own bit of style working in the back there.

The Huawei T1 Media Pad 8.0 uses an 8-inch IPS display which has a resolution of 1280 x 800. The touchscreen panel supports up to five-finger multitouch while the backlight from this screen supports brightness of up to 300 nits. Fair warning: don’t activate this tablet in full darkness if you value your eyes.

The Media Pad 8.0 uses a quad-core processor, based around the ARM A7 chipset. The CPU, the MSM8212, is a 1.2GHz quad and it is backed by 1GB of RAM. Storage is a solid 8GB internally but Huawei have also included a microSD card slot so that you can increase your storage capacity. If you’re keen, you can add up to 32GB of extra space.

There are a couple of standard items for users to play with, Huawei have given the Media Pad 8.0 a 0.3MP front cam and a 5MP rear camera. There’s a data connection possible, for those who like to take their data with them, in the form of an HSDPA+ connection and the Media Pad 8.0 also supports WiFi.

There’s a frankly massive 4800mAh battery in place, ensuring that you’re almost never going to be out of power, and then there’s the Android 4.3 and Emotion UI 1.6 interface to play with. Not to mention the price, which will justify your choice in picking this one up.

Long story short, the Huawei T1 Media Pad 8.0 deserves its place in the Media Pad family. It’s earned it.

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