The Huawei PT530 is something that you wouldn’t expect you’d ever need. This is an alternative solution to running ethernet wires around your home, with all of the nails, banging and mess that entails.

That’s because the Huawei PT530, which just plugs into your wall socket, is capable of moving an ethernet connection from one room into another over your home’s power lines. Translation: You’re going to be able to extend your network little hassle.

But the Huawei PT530 doesn’t end there. It also converts your ethernet signal into a WiFi one, supporting up to 802.11 n with a transmission rate of up to 300Mbps. So you’ll also be able to wirelessly connect your various mobile devices, like phones, tablets and the like, just as easily.

There’s included 128-bit AES encryption, which can be rather unexpectedly enabled by touching a single button on the side of the Huawei PT530. Still, having extra security for your connection is something that’s always welcome.

In order to save power, the Huawei PT530 will automatically enter a low-power state and even hibernate if there’s no network traffic detected. Not a bad feature at all.

It doesn’t hurt that Huawei have made the PT530 an attractive piece of hardware. That’s just the cherry on top of this feature-rich little addition to your home network.


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