Huawei have been unveiling new products all over the place but that’s no reason to neglect the ones that we already have. Products like the Huawei Media Pad T1 7.0, for instance, a 7-inch tablet that is designed to be cheap, versatile and useful. So how did Huawei do with this one?

Pretty darn good, actually. The 7-inch Huawei Media Pad T1 7.0 sports a 600 x 1024 resolution display, which is good enough for extended day-to-day usage but doesn’t break the bank.

It’s helped along by a quad-core 1.2GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. That makes the Huawei Media Pad T1 7.0 an entry-level tablet but we were expecting that so it’s all good. Its pricing is also entry-level, after all.

Huawei have included a pair of 2MP cameras, one on the front and one on the back, so you can capture snaps on the go with this Android tablet but you’re more likely to be using it for apps and movies and things rather than for photography.

And it’ll last you ages, thanks to the monster 4100mAh battery that has been included in the Huawei Media Pad T1 7.0. Bluetooth, WiFi and microUSB are your connectivity options here, so you’re going to want to keep this Android 4.4 slate within range of a router for the most part.

What are you waiting for? Value for money doesn’t get a lot more valuable than this.

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