Have you happened to have had a look at the Huawei Mate7 yet? Huawei’s entry into the phablet market is noteworthy for several reasons but the favourite is probably going to be the price. It’s considerably cheaper than other phones of its size but Huawei haven’t skimped on the specs to bring the costs down.

The Huawei Mate7 features a 6-inch HD display, with the IPS LCD screen featuring a 1080 x 1920 resolution. It’s bright and clear enough to make other phones you’ve used look drab and boring.

Inside is Huawei’s own HiSilicon Kirin 910T processor, which is an quad-core slice of silicon that will give other CPUs a serious run for their money. This is a 1.8GHz quad and Huawei have been spending time making their beast more efficient – translation: longer battery life. The 4100mAh battery helps, we suppose.

There’s 2GB of system RAM and 16GB of storage, with space for a microSD if you’re feeling bloated when it comes to the files you’re packing. MicroSD cards can be up to 128GB in capacity.

Now, there are a couple of version of this phone. This one is the single-SIM edition, though there’s a dual SIM and an additional dual SIM with beefier specs out there. Not that you’ll have the urge to go looking for one, the Huawei Mate7 as-is will do just fine.

In the back there’s a 13MP camera, with a 5MP in front. This is a little below the current standard but this handset has been around internationally for a few months. Huawei will whack the competition again with their next release.

If you’re after a 6-inch handset that won’t hurt the wallet area, then Huawei has what you need. The only question is whether you buy it now or on payday.


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