There’s no such thing as a home screen that’s too big. Unless you need to custom-build a house around it in order to make it fit. That’s… a little large. But if you’re a movie or gaming buff, then you’re going to want to get a projector – a fraction of the cost with a whole lot more size to play with, plus it’ll give you a chance to dedicate an entire room to entertainment. Because we’ve all wanted to do that before.

And an ideal candidate for your projector duties (because you have to have a projector, in addition to a large TV) is the Epson EH-TW6100 Projector.

Why? Because this is a 3LCD projector, backed by a contrast ratio of 40000:1 and a light output of up to 2300 lumens. What this means is that you’re looking at excellent picture reproduction at night and it’ll work just as well in daylight. Not direct daylight, obviously, but you won’t have to paint all of your windows black in order to see what’s going on onscreen.

The EH-TW6100 also sports dual 10W speakers in the unit itself, allowing you to watch films without adding an external speaker system. You’ll wind up doing that anyway but that’s more for the experience, the EH-TW6100 can be used as intended right out of the box.

There’s an interesting design feature to be seen, the EH-TW6100 features front-facing fans so the inevitable heat that you’ll get from your projector will be vented away from you and anyone else in the audience.

What else could you possibly need from a mid-range (in price, that is) home theatre projector? Full HD, of course and that’s included in the purchase price. And then there’s also 3D, which looks fantastic thanks to Epson’s luminance enhancement tech. It’s brighter, easier to set up and the unit comes with a pair of active shutter glasses so you can experience 3D at home.

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