Acer makes smartphones. We’re not sure if you’re aware of that. Acer has been in the smartphone game for a while, with their Liquid range of devices proving to most popular for the company but they’re largely overshadowed by the likes of Samsung, LG and that company that uses fruit as a logo. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get your hands on one of these device if you wish – they are available in SA at last.

Take the Acer E700 Tri SIM, for example. This is a 5-inch Android smartphone that is packing Android 4.4.2, which is wrapped around a whole lot of decent specifications. The three SIM functionality, as the name suggests, is the headliner but you’re also getting a whole lot of other features to play with.

Features like the quad-core Cortex-A7 processor, a 1.2GHz chip that should serve well with anything that you care to run on this device. It may battle a bit with high-end gaming but that’s a conventional problem with most smartphones so you don’t need to feel slighted.

There’s 2GB of RAM, which is weighty for a device of this sort, and 16GB of storage out of the box with an option to add up to 32GB more using a microSD card. You’re definitely covered on the storage front.

Elsewhere, there’s an 8MP main camera, which should procure you some acceptable shots, as well as a 2MP front-facer for video or Skype calls.

Connectivity is fairly standard. 3G, WiFi (802.11 b/g/n) and Bluetooth 4.0 will take care of your connection needs and there’s a 3500mAh battery which should keep you connected all day. And part of the following day as well, if you’re not a heavy user.

There you have it. Acer’s E700 Tri SIM could be just the phone for you especially, as the name suggests, if you’re looking at combining your business and personal lines into a single device. It’ll last all day, either way.

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