Philips Sonicare is launching a new smart toothbrush that connects to an app via Bluetooth. The new toothbrush, Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected, combines a variety of sensors in the handle to track in real time how you’re brushing your teeth. The data is synced via Bluetooth to an app for both iOS and Android. The way it works is pretty straightforward: as you brush, a 3D map of your mouth shows you which teeth you’re brushing and tells you if you’re brushing too much or too little. The app also warns you if you’re using too much pressure or scrubbing too hard. When the two minutes of brushing are up (both the brush and the app have a timer), you can see if you missed any spots.

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The app also gives you progress reports, allows you to set goals, tells you when to replace the brush head, and sends you motivational messages typical of any health apps. The most useful feature is that the app allows you to set focus areas on particular teeth that might need more work, as recommended by your dentist.

The connected toothbrush is launching in July. The battery lasts up to two weeks between charges. And the toothbrush memorizes up to 14 brushing sessions, so that if you don’t sync it for about two weeks, the data won’t be lost.

As Sheldon of The Big Bang Theory once said, “Everything’s better with bluetooth”.

Source: The Verge

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