So you thought Office was only for desktops, notebooks and tablets? You thought wrong. Microsoft has launched Office for Android’s smartphone edition, following up on an earlier trial of the software in a preview in May.

Excited users can get their hands on Word, Excel and Powerpoint, more or less for free, on their smartphones now but there are a couple of little requirements you have to fulfill.

Requirements like your Android operating system. The new apps require Android 4.4 KitKat in order to function correctly and there’s also a RAM requirement – you’ll need at least 1GB of system memory watching your back.

This isn’t a bad set of requirements but it does mean that a lot of users will be left out in the cold. Android KitKat is installed on just over half of Android phones at the moment – that’s a lot of people to be missing out.

Still, if you were looking for some Office love from your Android phone, your time has finally arrived.

Source: Engadget

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