Not having WiFi at home is a pain in the behind. Having WiFi but only having it in certain locations is even worse, confining you to certain rooms in order to use the internet. Nobody wants to cram everyone into the same room just to check Facebook.

There is hope, however. If your WiFi network isn’t playing nice then here are some quick tips that will help you boost your connection.

Tin Foil

Tin foil: It’s not just for conspiracy theorists any more. Seriously, you can boost the signal from an older router by adding a sheet of tin foil to the router antenna. It involves making a little parabola (think military radar dish) and attaching it to the antenna but your mileage may vary. You should see at least some range improvement, though.

Add a password

We get it, you trust people. But you might be battling with signal because you’re also hosting strangers sitting outside who are using your bandwidth to check their emails. The easiest way to kick unwanted users off your network is to add a password to it. Enable Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2), add a password and make sure you update your own device’s information. The network security benefits are nice too. Speaking of security, you could also enable a guest network so visitors can access the net without being able to rifle through your personal files. And, just so they don’t lay waste to your data cap, more advanced routers allow for bandwidth control.

Move your router

Poor WiFi signal could also be the result of your hardware placement. Things like microwave, radio, cordless phones and more, could interfere with your WiFi signal. It might also be tucked behind a wall that is effectively damping your signal. Experiment with your router placement – somewhere central with good line-of-sight is best.

Add in a range extender

If you live in a particularly big home, these fixes may not be enough. Then you can add a range extender, like the Netis E1+ 300Mbps Wireless N Range Extender. This little gizmo plugs into a wall and catches and amplifies your signal to the rest of the house. If you live in a mansion, you might need more than one to fully extend your internet coverage.

Level up to 802.11ac

If you’re using older hardware, another way to boost your signal is to upgrade. Drop a Netis WF2780F AC1200 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Fiber Router into your home network and you’re looking at an instant speed upgrade (capped only by your fiber speed, that is). Plus you’re covered for all those new device purchases. Almost all new notebooks, tablets, and smartphones now support the speedy wireless AC standard.

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